Morkais Race Revealed

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Sep 252016

The page on morkais has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Morkais originated from the Divine Covenant and are not one of the seven original, humanoid species. They share physical traits with daekais, but do not have poisonous teeth or claws. They have great memories and quick, attentive, wise minds. They make few social mistakes, slips of the tongue, or inappropriate comments. Morkais are often employed as messengers, either working for government, nobility, themselves (for hire), the rich (such as merchants), or their species.

They do not attack ideas or those who have them. They actively seek out other cultures for art, cooking, political ideas, sports, architecture, history and more. All morkais can speak, read, and write kais, Antarian, karelian, querran, and kryllan; they often work as translators. They often know how to speak some riven and jhaikan, including reading the symbols of the latter.

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Daekais Race Revealed

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Sep 252016

The page on daekais has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Daekais are three to four feet tall and have large, feathery wings. They are known as the most self-centered, greedy, ignorant and amoral thing alive. Legends say that daekais are so cowardly that a whole group of them once fell dead when the god of courage appeared among them suddenly. They are famous for attacking travelers near forest edges and mountains, with morkais interfering.

Daekais can’t become wizards because they can’t read the spells, possess a spell book long enough (someone else will steal it), or have the intelligence and dedication to master something intellectual. They usually attack with short bow, crossbow, or slings, and will occasionally resort to dropping rocks. Since they have few arrows, they often loot battlefields, including their own. All daekais of a given tribe dress, walk, and talk the same, have the same interests and tell all the same stories.

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Kais Species Posted

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Sep 242016

The page on kais has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Kais are three to four feet tall with large, feathery wings. Both races are physically identical except that daekais have poisonous teeth and claws, and their eye colors differ. The wing coloring on top disguises kais from above. The underside is typically light. Forest kais have green feathers, sea kais have blue, golden kais live near plains or deserts, mountain kais have brown feathers, snow kais have white, and the rare night kais is all black. Females acquire display colors on both sides during mating season.

Kais avoid hand-to-hand combat in favor of missile weapons (slings, bows, and crossbows), partly from being smaller than many threats but also due to their wings being precious and hard to protect. Daekais also avoid it out of fear. Either may be carrying a knife or dagger as a last resort. Their teeth and claws are also formidable, especially daekais, whose are poisonous.

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Sorelia Race Revealed

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Sep 222016

The page on sorelia has been uploaded. Some highlights:

The sorelia are a corrupted race of the noble karelian species, originating from Ronkainen, the goddess of corruption, reading the passage on karelia from the Book of Creation. Sorelia are physically identical to karelia except for random iris colors. It is impossible to tell them apart except for demeanor, actions, and words. Just as karelia means “night walker,” sorelia means “death walker.”

Sorelian architecture reflects their interest in dark arts, as building are often black, foreboding, and adorned in a ghastly manner. Being well-versed in dark matters and on friendly terms with the god of fear, Everett, has given them little to be afraid of. They are intelligent and quick thinking, which makes their lies sound smooth and natural. Sorelia are often mistaken for karelia and might be asked to help with a supernatural issue, with dire results.

This race is heavily featured in The Ever Fiend.


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Karelia Species Uploaded

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Sep 222016

The page on karelia has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Karelia means “night walker.” Nearly five feet tall, karelia have slight bodies that are stronger than they appear. Karelia have lorenia lines radiating out from their eyes toward their hairline. The almost translucent marks cause their supernatural sight, weather and direction sense, and allow them to follow supernatural forces or disturbances to their source. The lines and their eyes glow green when performing magic or sensing supernatural phenomenon.

Karelia are the smartest species, quick thinking, fairly wise, and charismatic. Strong for their size, karelia have superb constitutions, needing little food, water, or sleep, seldom getting sick, and recovering from illness or wounds faster. Their agility and dexterity are average but they become skilled with less effort. Nothing frightens them.


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Jhaikan Species Uploaded

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Sep 212016

The page on jhaikan has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Jhaikan are one of the seven original humanoid species are synonymous with evil and brutal violence. They are used in stories to frighten children and adults. For jhaikan, dying outside of battle is dishonorable. They’ve tortured and killed more people than anyone. They are ferocious, antagonistic, driven to conquer, man-eaters, and certain death to anyone not trained in self-defense.

Mature males are seven to nine tall, females slightly smaller. Jhaikan society is hierarchical and based on brutality, cunning, and military might. A sign of weakness results in a leader being usurped. In some jhaikan hordes, there is one leader and no other structure; in larger ones, a rigid structure exists, allowing individuals to attain various ranks and rise through them. They can camouflage their skin.

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