The continent Llorus straddles the equator, with most of the land south of it; the equator passes through the Sea of Fire.  The nearest continent is Antaria to the north across the Antaran Sea. Hear it pronounced.

All maps created by Randy Ellefson
© 2015 Randy Ellefson/Evermore Press

The Sovereign Powers

There are seventeen sovereign powers on Llorus, with seven being part of the Empire of Kysh. They aren’t presented in alphabetical order below, but from northwest to northeast (left to right) above the Sea of Fire.  Then south down the eastern coast, and finally from within the Empire of Kysh, again left to right and working southward.  This is mostly to keep the discussion of neighbors together.

Pell Republic
Kingdom of Marula
The Land of Siara
Lorynn Kingdom
Vonn Kingdom
Perrin Kingdom
Kingdom of Baeshor
Rone Kingdom
The Empire of Kysh

Arising from the Kingdom of Kysh, the empire dominates the southwestern area of Llorus, from the Sea of Fire down to the Kryllan Sea.  It also spreads west through Astamaer in central Llorus to include Kyon Kingdom, and south to the Kyon Sound. The Kingdom of Baeshor in southeastern Llorus stopped further advancement, as did Rone Kingdom in central Llorus.

Niora Kingdom
Kingdom of Kysh
Astamaer Kingdom
Kyon Kingdom
Arkaen Kingdom
Villan Kingdom
Kellia Kingdom



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